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Raleigh Chopper Mk1
The frame has been stove enamalled. 3 speed sturmy archer hub has been overhauled. 

NEW PARTS 2 tyres{red line,} 2 inner tubes ,2 brake levers ,2 brake cables, 

2 brake calipers ,new spokes {front&rear,} chain, pedals, complete set of bearings

.PARTS RECHROMED handle bars, light bracket ,yoke nut, sissy bar, 

2 sissybar springs ,4cups,  crank assembly, 2 wheel rims ,

2 mud guards, rear reflector plate.  00      

Contact RAY 0191 2576394   mobile  07974 183308, 


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Raleigh Chopper Mk1,  3 Speed in Orange









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