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This stunning bicycle has been restored to the highest possible standards with 100% original parts throughout. 

This is the ultimate UK collectable Raleigh Chopper.

The paintwork is stunning metalic bronze, one of only 2 colours this bicycle was supplied in. 

The frame underwent a bare metal restoration and has been computer colour-matched for a 100% perfect finish. 

There are no welds, or breaks within the framework. 

The frame is 100% straight and perfect and of course is a "tall frame". 

The frame also has the front wheel "stays" to stop the handlebars from turning 360 degrees - 

again only fitted to original Sprint GT's. The head badge has been rivetted using bronze rivetts.

The seat is NOS (new old stock) with the warning strap bright and readable. The seat is of course the correct Sprint GT seat, 

different in design of course to the standard MK2 Chopper seat. The seat pole is in A1 condition. 

The seat clamp has the relevant "R" nut and is mint.

The sissy bar is the correct Sprint GT part and has been rechromed to the highest standard. 

The acorn nuts are present and are NOS.

The handlebars are original NOS Sprint GT handlebars, no copy parts are used at all anywhere on this bike. 

The have been furnished with NOS tape and the white plastic ends of the handlebars are of course present. 

The chromework is stunning. 

The headnut is NOS and again mint. The headbadge is NOS and mint. 

The gear levers are NOS Sprint GT original levers and were expensive items.

The front mudguard is the correct Sprint GT slim mudguard and has been rechromed to the highest standard. 

The rear mudguard again has been rechromed to the highest standard and like the front is A1 mint.

The front rim is the correct slimmer front GT rim with the correct Michelin tyre as supplied to the original bicycle. 

The chrome looks like "liquid" - stunning and most expensive. 

The spokes are of course stainless steel.

The rear rim features a full rechrome on all parts - again A1 mint. The sturmy hub works perfectly and is A1. 

The correct spoke protector is present and NOS. 

The tyre is a new Raleigh red-dot slick, 

however I am including a perfect Raleigh rear slick that was originally on the bike and removed to preserve. 

The preserved tyre has the tall italic writing on it and routinely sells for upwards of ఠwhen found - this is included in the sale at no extra cost. 

The spokes are stainless steel - perfect.

The crank is NOS and perfect, with the correct size arms. 

The pedals are NOS original Raleigh Chopper pedals with the logo's etc. 

These are unmarked and cost a fortune. The chain operates perfectly, the chainguard is present and A1.

The gear shifter is present and correctly operates the three gears perfectly.

The brakes, levers, callipers and shoes are all NOS items and A1 condition.

The stand is an NOS part that has been re-chromed

The price of his outstanding machine is ర

Please contact me at

Thankyou Kieron



Raleigh Chopper Sprint GT. 




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